Green Building

There are many Green Building programs though out the United States. The National Association of Home Builders Green Build Program can be tailored to our area.

You can build “Green” to various degrees, working from a checklist of items. This allows you to tailor your home to your budget and needs.

You can focus on energy efficiency, carbon footprint, recycled materials, sustainable building materials, ventilation, use of site, alternate energy sources, building strategies, environmentally friendly materials etc. You can even use items not on the checklist, which would accomplish the goals of Green Building.

Your home will be credited points in the many different categories. The more points your home scores, the “greener” it is. Of course there is a minimum threshold. A third party inspector will verify the points.

Green homes, by their nature are better-built, more efficient homes. The consensus is that they should have a longer life cycle, while providing their occupants with a healthier and more cost effective home.

The Green Build program puts a particular emphasis on builder education. Builders must not only qualify to enter the program, but also follow up with continuing education credits each year.

Gerry is a Certified Green Professional with the National Association of Home Builders.

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